Tipsy as the world appears today-
From this cancerous outgrowth upon which
I place myself fully knowing that soon
It will sublimely detach itself from my monotony
And bequeath its ethereal impressions to me
To my tangled affairs and my chaotic passions-
I know I’m not drunk on valor
Nor swimming in an absolute sea
I’m just swirling a hot wine on the tip of my tongue

Tipsy as the world appears today
When the moon is bulbous, impregnated
With a brainchild stewing, bubbling, frothing
But caught in wispy circles of the uncertain present
Whilst I stand below to catch its sinewy spirit
And shed tears of love upon its bosom-
I know I’m not drugged by destiny
Or being played truant by some divine hand
I’m just my own random sentient being, waiting for the clasp that will release me


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