You looked at me from atop your ivory tower
Your glowing, wondrous, shimmering tower
With your spidery, spindly arms reaching down towards me
Like poisonous tentacles, wrapping softly
In a beautiful, warm embrace of death

And I thought traversing the ocean would be enough to find you,
Swimming from A to B. You would be the lighthouse.
You would guide me
In tune with the countless, endless open bleeps
That helped you weave a legend through the rocks

This was before they found you.
Before they cut out the only real thing inside you
Before you forgot what it was like when the world was terrifyingly new
And your raw, throbbing heart faced everything with iron fists rising ten feet high
To break through whatever it is that you felt weakened by

But look at yourself. You don’t see what the Tempest left behind
‘She was only trying to help’ you say, ‘She only made me stronger.
She made me a man.’ You assert. ‘She defined me. She gave me the courage
to be whoever I wanted to be’. But who is that, I wonder and there is no reply
You know you must be brave but you know not why
You know you must live and not die but you know not why
You know too much but there is too little you actually know
Your flame dies suddenly, as though inspired by a torpedo
You decide to let destroy the lives of those who aroused you
So you watch from your tower and I try to remind you of when
You played hide-and-seek in the mud, pretending to be monsters at war
Pretending your invincibility grew besides your innocence
I try. But I know it’s too late.


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