Lens of Lies

My thoughts were born in tangents
They were pools of reflections
And darkened in the mirrors
I knew I didn’t beget them

I was whispering to the wind
A fool
Cowardly to scream my fears aloud
I stitched them in a bag and stuffed
My lungs until it blocked the sound

I writhed in my dreams
I turned my body inside out to show
The world the bloody stream
That twisted knots within my soul

I snapped the wires of peace and controlled
The strands with just my mind
I strangled every little detail grown
In the danger of that vile fight

I strode outside, a calm without
A screaming woman within
And from the centre of that sound
I began to rebuild my dreams

The hazier the world the more
I longed to hold it in my arms
And cradle like a little babe
The haunting cries of people long gone

I simmered on the surface
I broke upon my life
And with wondrous eyes, inspected
The world beyond that lens of lies

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