The Shower

I looked to see if you were gone
As my heart could still hear your sound
From over the sky and under the ground

I searched my memories for dreams
We had talked about starting a family
I scratched the surface of my skin
But couldn’t feel enough to dive within

I had fought the demons for so long
Your jarred land had become my song
It had begun to get easier still
Now I’m left with dried oceans to fill

I would hear a thousand melodies
But they wouldn’t become a part of me
Your breath will linger on my lips
My soul on fire, my body split

I might even survive this assault
And the pain might ebb or even stop
But what we had was so raw and real
A part of me would never heal

Our love was spelt out in the stars
And I saw it fall through like dust
I couldn’t move, I stood silently
And it was the shower that drenched me

– Dedicated to my dearest, closest friend who is one of the most wonderful, beautiful people I know.

Through tears sometimes, we find the strength to move forward. And I know you will too.


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