Falling in Love


I thought falling in love
Was one of those things you did
At the end of the day
When your feet were blistered
Toes curling in the cold and
Holes in your cap letting in watery waves of air
And from the yellow sidewalk light
Rose shadows of men you hadn’t seen since twilight
Or left behind, festooned with wreaths of mutual misery

And through the pools of darkness
Shone merry men and women making love
Behind lacy curtains in rippling moans of pleasure

And the bars that were full of twirling skirts
Lipstick stains and glasses of champagne
Lit your longing face with agony

I thought falling in love
Was something you found
When everything else was cracked and strained
The streets paved with all your heartbreak
And breathing heavy under the noise of pain

I didn’t know
Falling in love would hit me
On a lilting, breezy summer day.


2 thoughts on “Falling in Love

  1. Falling in love hits both ways if it is a two sided love. In such cases, the damage is collateral. I appreciate the way the author has vaunted her end of the picture and the emotions attached to it.

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