Four-Leaf Clover


You have taken me to places
I didn’t expect to see-
Cold mountain lairs where
Single four-leaf clovers grow
In a dense forest of bare rocks
In the thinning sunlight of midwinter’s cold blocks
In a celestial sphere of pretty alien lights
In the bark of the foliage-free tree’s plight

You have played for me the soothing sounds
Of urban love in cities of concrete
Playing tunes on banjos of isolation
On the waves of ever-moving feet
In the middle of jungles of streets
In the blanket of resounding rain
In the mixed tapes of unbroken pain

And on the brink of extinction, as I fell backwards
(Who knew how beautiful that could be)
I breathed fragrant whispers from nature’s parched lips
And forgot who I was fighting my way away from
And who was the girl I was fighting to be
And yet of hope, love, luck and faith
The only one I had led to chasms of ache
But even layers of cloudy skies weren’t enough
My four-leaf clover fell from above

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