World of Broken Glass

I never knew my singing highs
Were born on flimsy waves
Of maddening thoughts that rode
The deepest sighs of life
Seemingly calm in their expression
But filled with tirades of gloom
Galloping on fields of wind- and
Fearless above this world of broken glass

Hello, world! I’m welcoming 2016 with a post after months. I hope to continue my saga of poetry and the occasional bookworm-ism (a term I just coined).



2 thoughts on “World of Broken Glass

  1. because of poem being insightful it raised two totally exclusive questions in mind, is the essence of this poem in the systematic usage of beautiful metaphors of the language or is it object of the poem which is the gloominess the main essence? i mean was the primary objective to express truth or beauty, that only the creator could tell as on the whole it is truly beautiful or should i say beautifully true, i am confused.

    1. this is an interesting comment…I believe, with poetry it may be hard to tell the difference because it is the coming together of language and of the truth that the writer and her readers behold that give a poem its essence. Hence you can find beauty in the use of language, which is unique in its appeal and different in the eyes of each reader but you can also find that beauty in the ultimate stark naked truth of the writer’s construction, once you are done baring it clean off all its intricate beauty.

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