Word Witness


Words are and always will be my witness. They are special to  me, I need them because they transcend my life and allow me to reach higher.


Tension is gripping me again. I know I need writing to cure me because nothing else seems to work on a fundamental level the way writing here does. It is strange to write now- to write knowing that I have lost touch with a part of myself, with months of memory- data that should be on paper.

Paper is the only way I know how to heal myself. When I pour words out, it is like some sort of a miracle. My bruises start healing. My heart flutters out of its state of nervousness and into a state of calm energy and peace. Whatever it is about words that keeps me going- it is ethereal. For me, this is and always will be divinity. And as I am typing today after months and months of looking for relief and not finding any, I feel every muscle in my body relaxing, every knot in my mind unraveling, everything just fading away fast.

What happened to me? I used to write constantly every day for hours on end. I knew it was the thing that made me unique and it was the thing I valued most about myself. Now I keep words blocked behind walls of insane, torturous, intense abandon and tell myself that of course, I will return to them. Where else would I go? I have tried to push myself in many different directions whereas there always was one direction for me to push myself in- towards writing. These rants, these personal blogposts where I record my weaknesses for the world to see are my way of empowering myself, they are my way of screaming into the universe and letting others know that it is okay- okay to fall, okay to fail, okay to forgive yourself, okay to pull back up and okay to do it all over again if and when you must! It is without judgement and fear that I want to be able to exist- and without fear of judgement! A task that is not easy, at all of course but must be done because that’s the only way to not live in a cocoon of absolute misery. And that is a place I refuse to live in. I fight every day, more than many other people but less, much less than hundreds of thousands more and I tell myself that everything I am doing is for some form of temporary reason, some kind of journey. But I often forget to remember that my journey is ultimately one about writing. It is the narrative I unconsciously designed for myself when I was three years old. Younger perhaps. And I stick to it because it works. It heals me, it soothes me, it defines me. I  must find more occasion to let the stories in my head see the light of day- whether they are just stories about me! Or stories about others.

So I am pledging to myself tonight that I will write. Whether it is for 15 minutes in a day or an hour in a week- I will write. I will overcome this mountain of lethargy, of seeking perfectionism, of wanting something bigger and brighter to hit me, of whiling away my time doing things that are important (but can anything really be as important as the relief that floods my soul when I type away on a keyboard or pen my thoughts on a sheet of paper?).

There have been a thousand things running through my mind today- and they usually are on most days, but nothing- nothing helps me sort them better than if I write them down.

It is paper that witnesses my transformation, my growth and degrowth, the spiralling pathways of my life and what may feel like a pointless and random rant is actually the wonderful and very real act of my body purifying itself of all the terrifying, horrible, lurching fears that it has accumulated over a period of time. It is an act of my body telling me- it’s all going to be all right, just hang in there. Why do you have to carry the impossible weight of the world on your shoulders anyway? You have a good, good life- embrace it, live it, feel it. These words are my witness to this catharsis and they are what make my life worthwhile.

And so, if you- whoever you are, feel similar weights bringing you time just remember that not only are you not alone, you’re all right! You’re brave, you’re you- just find yourself, whatever it takes! Do what’s right for your soul. Such abstract advice can be frustrating but it drives at a much bigger truth- only you can find your bandages but you don’t need to do it alone!

PS: This was nothing but my rawest thoughts on paper, expressed for the sheer sense of relief that they make me feel. I promise to write more- I need words more than I realize and while it is easy to stay away, it melts my heart slowly until I feel like I am bursting with thoughts that can’t go anywhere else.





One thought on “Word Witness

  1. Caution: any observations, criticism or judgements presented below are purely subjective carrying some potential of falsity as well.

    Your thoughts signal strong traits of narcissism. You treat your writing as means to some ends, probably those concerned to you mostly. You don’t consider writing as an end in itself as you don’t write just for the sake of writing. Least of all it has some utility according to you. You write poems but I think deep down yourself you want to be a poem, representing some form of beauty and perfection. And maybe that’s why you consider your writing to define you. That’s why you seek perfection. Don’t know in what way you’ve considered the phrase ‘fear of judgment’ but if it means fear of being judged then it’s totally legitimate as writing is divine for you and judgments carry a potential threat to your object of divinity, akin to blasphemy. You are more of a Classicist personality in contrast to a Romanticist.

    However, as a reader I am very thankful to have a glimpse inside your head amidst your thoughts. I apologise if anything I wrote is offensive, these are my raw thoughts after reading this.

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