The End


I thought it was the end
When flying over a snow-scape
I descended into a warm summer
It felt like home from a distant movie
Familiar and somewhat comforting.

I thought it was the end
When I cut the curly, spiraling cord
Like off a phone from the 90’s
I was free, I felt untainted
By the tears people cried around me.

I thought it was the end
But even though the sun shines bright
And I paint myself into motion picture scenes
Against rainbows and exotic waterfalls everyday
It doesn’t help the pain.

I thought it was the end
I didn’t know, didn’t understand
That moments come back like ghosts at night
Under covers, ready to bite
They haunt all me and mine.

I thought it was the end
But ghosts can’t die, you see
They live on in the darkest depths
They color your picture books into
The darkest child’s fantasy.



I Will Never Love You Like That Again

I am keeping my promise to myself. I saw some words that struck me, leading to this poem. I don’t think it is very good but as long as it keeps me moving, that is all I want for now. I don’t want to lose touch with my creative side. So here goes nothing.



I will never love you like that again

Behind broken bridges you stand
I can still feel your eyes on me
Glasses askew and shoelace untied
You’re nothing but a shadow to me

I lit the match and watched it die
While smoke arose all around me
It was rain that finally doused the fire
Only that settling smoke left to breathe

Once we watched the night sky light up
Now I let its glow drown the sighs in me
I will never love you like that again
I am letting the rest of the world bewitch me.

I will never love you like that again
These metaphors cave in with my poetry
I’m not dancing yet, but getting there
Moving in circles with my memories

I will never love you like that again
Those days are far, far behind me.