Not a Love Song

Abstract art gallery- http://www.themarshallgallery.com/2014/08/28/gallery-to-kick-off-new-season-with-abstract-expressionism/

You must be my one solace
Country, company, currency-
These are empty promises!
They will betray me
They will feed me lies and break me
Take me to the morgue
And leave me
Toothless, tongue-less, tear-less
Hurt, broken, suffering
Shrieking laments to the wind

You must be my one solace
Your pretty eyes upon me
Holding me like a baby
Like my mother did; inside me
There’s a cancer only you can kill
You will be a little late
A little torn, a little afraid
It’s okay- look at me!
I’ve lived this day over and over again

Waiting, hand upon heart and
Heart pressed against the door
You have to take me- make me new
Repaint me in your colors
Black or white- I’ll be fine
There’s something wonderful about you
You must be my one solace
Before this madness can consume me


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