Stories & Other Fiction

Here are all the short stories and other fictional prose that I have put up on my blog:

The Story

An Essay on Somethingness and Nothingness

White Van

The Fall of Love

Borderline Bottleneck Boredom

The Retelling of Rapunzel

The Butterflies

Highway to Hell

Winter Wonderland

What You Don’t Know- A Short Story


The Full Moon

The Childhood Connection-Part 3

The Childhood Connection-Part 2

The Childhood Connection- Part 1

The Lighthouse

The Streets Part Two

The Streets Part One

Hands Clasped in Mine(2)

Hands Clasped in Mine

Standing Afar

BlogShorts #6 Reverence

BlogShorts #5 I Love You

BlogShorts #4 Monsters

BlogShorts #3 The Cake

BlogShorts #2 Tears of Blood

BlogShorts #1 Silent Screams

WINGS- A Story

Changes- Part One

Changes-Part Two

Changes-Part Three

Sorry this last story Changes is not complete. But if someone is reading, let me know and I will dig it up and post it. 🙂

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