The collection of poems on BlueLoft:. There are many more poems on the blog. At some point I stopped documenting all of them. There are hidden nuggets all over. Enjoy!

NOTE: Everything here is original. No plagiarism please. If you’re picking something, cite the source! Thank you. 🙂

Pools of Disconnect




Tall Summer Dreams

Behind Closed Doors


Battle Cry

Pick Your Poison

The Sweet Name of Innocence 

DNA Bite

The Crust of Confinement

Winter Doesn’t Love Me

I Forgot to Have Fun

White Storms and Blue Hearts

Just Noise

A Cute Love Story

Dusted White

Alive (in a dream)

Yes, We Are

I swear.

Can’t Seem to Stop

Being a Girl

We Were Hardly Sexual Beings

Holding Up this Fort

The Saga

More than Skin and Bones

Goodbye (Is Just Another Word)

Twisted Tribute

One Half of All the World

Two Really Short Poems

Villanelle (I Think?)

Everything’s on Fire

With No Tears and No Goodbyes

That’s All I Want

My Whole World Starts

The Ebb

You Found Me

Beautiful Moments

Look at Me

Never a Word


Hang Up the Phone

A Bad Dream

New Strangeness


‘Men. They Will Never Change’

White Walled Fort

Crossed Hearts

Being Seventeen

Parallel Universe

In the City

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