Remember the Monsters: The Haunting Ending of Dexter

‘For so long all I wanted was to feel like other people … now that I do just want it to stop’

In a surprising flourish, Dexter’s ending came through in ways I wouldn’t have expected. It was moving, enthralling, dark, revolving and emotional beyond anything the show has seen in a very long time.

*Spoilers ahead*

I did not expect myself to take nothing away from the Dexter finale because there were some things that I had been expecting. But the finale moved me. It did not fall flat, it did not disappoint. It felt like an elegant and somewhat imperfect but very real solution to the entire series.

Dexter’s ending did not have plot twists or sudden disclosures but I think I can safely say that I had stopped expecting those long ago. What I had wanted the final episode to do was provide absolute justice to a long-running show with a tribute of a goodbye. And it did pull through.

This episode was about all the ghosts of Dexter’s life finally coming around full circle. It was about an arc of realization that brought him face-to-face with his own reality. Something he had ignored over the years, over the deaths of everyone who loved him, every life who touched his.

This episode took us on a three separate journeys. The first one was Hannah McKay’s, as she finally came through for Dexter in a way that made it real to believe that she loved him. Though the chemistry between the two characters has always been flaccid and Hannah’s motivations seemed concerning, to say the least, in this episode she stood out as her own person, as someone who you could actually have liked to see paired with Dexter, maybe in a parallel universe. She was there for him when he needed her, proving that his belief in her had not been unfounded.

The second journey was Debra’s. She was shot in her gut in the last episode and as she struggles to recover and gets operated upon, we see the reactions of the people around her. Dexter stays back to make sure she is okay. Quinn is angry and upset but brave and Batista is steady as a rock. When Dexter and Debra talk, she is heavily sedated but hopeful and he is ready to leave and they don’t know it then but the goodbye they say in the end of that conversation will be there goodbye for life.

Pulling out a scene from the past, from the day of Harrison’s birth, when Debra and Dexter first hold him, was the writers’ way of taking us back to the connection. Whatever else has happened on the show, the Dexter-Debra relationship has been a tumultuous up and down ride put they’ve stuck together through it all with the help of a very strong bond. The flashback scene, though it felt a bit forced, made me see the cheerful old Debra who looked up to her brother and admired everything he was, before she knew his truth. In that sense, that scene was a tribute to her.

To give Debra a massive blood clot and a stroke that leaves her on life support, was one of the finale’s unexpected twists. It felt weird at first; because though Debra’s end had been anticipated, I’d thought it would happen in a more cliche, dramatic manner…with another run-in with Saxon or something of that sort. Instead, Debra slowly fell away into an abyss of life beyond consciousness while the rest of our attention was diverted.

Saxon…Saxon was never meant to be the formidable enemy who defeated Dexter; instead he was just one more loose end Dexter was meant to tie like he has so many others. I liked that Saxon came through as a weakness in the end, that Saxon was not the ultimate anti-hero to Dexter.

The third journey was Dexter’s. In the breadth of one episode, Dexter moved from believing in a happy ending for himself, to a point of hopelessness about his own life. As Dexter dealt with Saxon after knowing his sister was lost to him, he seemed to sift through his psyche and realize what it had meant to be him, all these years. It had cost him. It had cost everyone around him. His twisted lifestyle had come at a price, paid by every single person he had loved. And so Dexter made his decision.

When everything was wrapped up, he returned to Debra. The hospital is in chaos because of the impending storm. The chaos enables him to slip next to Debra without being noticed. Since Deb is gone beyond repair, there is no point trying to revive her. Instead, in the most heart-wrenching scene of the show, Dexter apologizes to his sister, who can’t even hear him and never will. The apology that took too long in coming, after everything the Debra ever did for him and everything that he ever did to chip away at her soul, meant nothing anymore.

“I’d change everything if I could. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I can’t leave you like this. I’m your big brother.”

He tells her he loves her as he pulls off her life support system. In that moment, the dying Debra has a peaceful serenity to her face and being. Wrapped in a white sheet, pale as a ghost the backdrop of a deep, dark, stormy sky, Dexter carries her to his boat Slice of Life and loads her in. He takes the boat far off into the sea and then stops. There, with the help of a surprisingly good mobile network (despite the built up storm), he talks to Hannah and Harrison for the very last time, though they don’t know it.

Hannah is boarding the plane to Argentina with Harrison. She escaped Elway by one last trick out of her bag of poisons and drugs. She tells Harrison he can see penguins in Argentina because it’s close to the South Pole, and that’s Santa Claus’s summer home. Harrison snuggles next to her and falls asleep.

After Dexter’s goodbye, he picks up the ghost-white form of Debra and carries her to the edge of the boat, tossing her in. Her body hits the dark surface of the water and slides beneath, pulled down by the  rippling surface of the water. And that is how both we and Dexter, say goodbye to Debra Morgan, with all her strengths and flaws. And that is when Dexter reveals his final decision.

He is never meant to live with people. He hurts whoever he touches. With that thought in mind, he pulls away deep into the storm, away from the coast.

When the storm clears, the wreckage of A Slice of Life is recovered but there is no body. The news is delivered to Batista. Somewhere in Argentina with Harrison, Hannah reads the same article. Teary eyed though she is (and me, by then), she flicks away at her tears, turns to Harrison and says, “Hey, how about we go get some ice cream, yeah?”

But before the scene closes, we are taken to some remote location, deep inside a forest where a lumberjack is at work. We know at once that it is Dexter but he walks away to a small cabin, sits down and stares right into the camera for one last time.

So that’s it. Should Dexter have died?  Should Dexter have left his son with an unpredictable, wanted fugitive who doesn’t even acknowledge the need to maybe alter her appearance? Will Dexter be back?

I don’t think he should. I think though Dexter’s death was impending and expected, in the end we saw that Dexter was not ready to give in to that urge. He did not want to take his own life because Debra’s unselfish love and untimely death, all because of him, finally made him see that the only way for him to STOP being inhuman was not by driving into the sunset with his girlfriend and son but stay put and force himself, every single day, to think about and live with the things that he did, the things that happened to him.

Dexter’s creation was an unfair process in which he was drawn, first by his mother’s killers and then by his foster father and Dr. Vogel but Dexter’s demise was something he himself chose as a way to repent for the rest of his days. So no more bad-men killing for Dexter? I don’t know. All I see is the strength it takes to pull away from all the people he loves or ever loved and to choose to live alone this way.

Tremendous and moving finale; the storm that came was unexpected but delivered with perfection.

Micheal C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter were flawless to the finish.

Goodbye, Dexter.

End Notes:  I did not want to add anything sarcastic in this post because, the finale was about more than just this season. Bad as this season was, the final episode of this show delivered the best it could, given the circumstances. And so I felt it was only fitting if I addressed the emotions and not the loopholes. Besides, I mostly did like the finale and its haunted effect on me overshadowed its loopholes. Also, I don’t want a spin-off. The ending satisfied me but if its only purpose is to stem a spin-off, then that makes the ending seem ineffective.

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Monkey in the Box- Dexter Season 8 Episode 11

“Nothing will change after I’m gone. Blood will continue to pool. I just won’t be here to photograph it.”

After a season of being plagued with bad writing, Dexter plunged into the heart of it all as the walls started to close in.

*Spoiler alert*

With the end so near, I watched this episode with my hand in my mouth. So much was expected, so many loose ends left to tie and so much closure to  be given that for once I chose to focus on the story rather than trying to pick at the loopholes. As Oliver Saxon aka Daniel Vogel loomed large over Dexter’s life, I began to fear for him. With no Evelyn Vogel in the picture, this episode felt ten times better to me. I am sorry but I never took to her. I never saw the motherly figure they tried to portray, just a suspicious, shady woman with possibly exciting ulterior motives which might have led to some thrilling story lines. But since Vogel was only here to take Dexter back full circle and give him a glimpse of his own making, I decide to finally let go of the possibility of any cat-out-of-the-bag-suspense moments.

Instead there was a monkey in the box because everything Dexter has been until this point has finally been flipped. His switch is the right way up. He was right there in season four with Rita but her murder took it away from him and left him with more unresolved issues. But somehow, some way, Hannah seems to complete Dexter and lead him to love and light and to a new light. Hard as I find to spot the kind of tender connection between them or to think of her as the sort of person who would lead to such soul-moving changes in a character like Dexter Morgan (you know I’ve always been team Rita but it’s too much in the past now to keep fretting over), I will take it at face-value that yes, love could move boulders and it could make someone want to move to Argentina with a fugitive.

Vogel’s funeral was wrapped together with some quick goodbyes to Dexter. Quinn and Batista both had their turns. The next time they’re going to see Dexter or his dead body, it will probably be with the full realization of who he was. Masuka is still figuring things out with his daughter and now I am pretty certain she’s just the daughter and nothing more and this whole story was only a filler. Jaime and Harrison get a scene in. And Astor and Cody get mentioned thrice. Once by the deadly nemesis Saxon, once by Debra and once by Dexter himself. I don’t know why I’m keeping count. I just feel betrayed for them.

Elway is close on the heels of the truth. At least on one count my instincts were right. Elway’s character was more than met the eye. He’s going to be one of the final threads unraveling Dexter’s departure to Argentina (Argentina? How is that even supposed to solve everything? Are there supposed to be no phones there? No internet, no TV, no police? Why is Argentina the safe haven?)

This season I have been connecting with Debra more than anyone else, and this episode was no different. Quinn is back in her life and her career at Miami Metro has been re-launched. Debra has heart-wrenching goodbyes to say to her brother, who is too much of a guy to shed tears and too much of  a murderer to grab a steak-dinner on his last night with her, but everything she does tonight just got to me.

Saxon pricked like a thorn at Dexter’s side and eliminating him seemed like the last important thing Dexter had to do. It seemed to fit perfectly with his character. Even Debra had accepted everything Dexter has been all this while and changing it all just as she has come to terms with it seems rather inconsiderate. But change it he does. Right after Debra helps Dexter pack Saxon up for the kill and leaves him with the prettiest smile, Dexter decides he isn’t this person anymore. He has to walk away, give up this life. A phone call to Debra brings her to his kill room (which was basically Saxon’s kill room at an old run down hospital) but Derba is being tailed by the US Marshall who is on to Hannah. While Dexter and Debra part in a touching scene, the US Marshall races in and finds Saxon and makes the mistake of untying him.

Debra returns just as the Marshall takes stabs to the chest. Her gun is out but Saxon is faster. He shoots and hits even as she shoots and misses and flies off, leaving Deb in a pool of blood on the floor. She has already requested for back up and help is on the way.

Meanwhile Dexter says goodbye to the shadow of his dad; which is his way of saying goodbye to his way of life, to the code, to the murdering, to all of it. The last time he made this attempt ended badly for people close to him. This time is likely to be no different.

Coming Sunday is the series wrap up. And here goes the promo. Stay tuned. A storm is coming.


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‘Goodbye Miami’: Dexter Season 8 Episode 10

Dexter uses every single cliche in the ‘How to Write a T.V. Series: A Manual’ book as it prepares to wind down its final and worst season.

*spoiler alert*

The first scene of this episode itself was so ridiculous, it made me feel completely fooled. Vogel is having some sort of a meal with her new-found son (I forgot count of the number of times they eat or have tea together) and I was shocked at how completely one dimensional this new killer Oliver-slash-Daniel really is. And how one-dimensional Vogel herself is. Every thing Vogel says about re-establishing family bonds- it all sounds so fake and dragged in at the last moment. We all expected something from Vogel’s past to crop up at some point along the show, but that it would be so predictable was not to be expected! The ultimate villain who is meant to defeat Dexter was not supposed to be this weak and empty. Even though the acting is good: his eyes do scare me when he makes them wide like that.

Meanwhile Hannah is just walking around all over Debra’s condo, sitting out on a patio facing the ocean, cooking and cleaning around the house and taking care of Harrison; even taking him to the emergency room when he carelessly hurts himself. In short, acting like the perfect housewife. I have totally given up expecting Hannah’s character to take a one eighty degree turn and ending up with a hidden agenda up her sleeve because she’s basically being the perfect wife, step mom and sister-in-law to her new family, even as Dexter browses through Google images of Argentina and daydreams about escaping there.

I’m just going to hang around all over town and hope nobody will notice I’m a wanted criminal!

To give some credit to Dexter’s writers, they finally remembered Astor and Cody as well as Rita. Dexter mentions all three names during the course of this episode, as the show attempts to tell you that he hasn’t forgotten about them. Oh no, he’s going to meet his step-children once before he takes off. Yay them.

Masuka’s daughter is still hanging around. Making one scene appearances, just to remind us that she exists. If this is nothing but a cute little closure story for Masuka, then- oh well, I can’t say I’ll be disappointed because at this point, it won’t seem out of the blue at all.

Meanwhile, Debra still continues to be the most sensible character on the show. Even though she initially gave Dexter a telling off for his absolutely ridiculous plan of packing his bags and hopping onto a flight to Argentina with his son and husband-killing girlfriend, she comes around to expect this decision. Well let’s face it, what’s she expected to do anyway? Then she decides she wants to come back to Miami Metro and takes up on Angel Batista for that.

At the same time, Jaime has big plans for herself and Quinn. She’s sending out resumes (having turned down a good job in Atlanta) and cooking for him and being a great girlfriend, in general, until he just decides to dump her. Because (surprise), he’s obviously been in love with Debra all along. The only high point of the episode was the Jaime-Debra face-off because I really think Jaime’s been too nice so far. There was a time i thought Quinn and Debra were meant to be but then she spurred his proposal and fell in love with her brother and now, when they got together in this episode, it just felt forced.

Want me to say it? Yes, we all know by this point that when Dexter dies Quinn and Debra are going to raise Harrison. I am not sure what will happen to Hannah but I suspect the writers want Harrison to end up in a trailer with his dead parents. How original. I guess Jaime’s taking off to Atlanta but she might brush against some more pain before that happens.

So in the promo for this episode we were told someone was going to die. And it turns out that the death was Vogel’s. It is her death that throws Dexter’s final season completely into the category of pointless. Vogel’s death was so easy to predict that we all thought it wasn’t coming. It seemed to obvious.

Mommy’s dead.

Vogel’s entry into this show was supposed to mean more than just this. Despite the show’s attempts to make her a lovable foster mom for Dexter, all I harbored were feelings of doubt and mistrust. Her sudden entry as a blast from Dexter’s past seemed full of suspicious possibilities to me. There was so much they could have done with her. As a criminal psychiatrist, Vogel was supposed to be an expert at understanding killers. I thought she was playing a game because the idea of her being straightforward made her seem extremely stupid to me and I wasn’t prepared to accept that. In retrospection of her death however, all I face is disappointment. So Vogel was only a silly old woman without a very strong objective for being on the show. Her relationship with Dexter was shaky and unconvincing, her feelings on the sudden reappearance of her son made her come across as weak and irresolute and her understanding of the criminal mind as well as her ability to strike a rapport with criminals seems stupid and inept, put against the string of praises with which she was introduced on the show.

So with the cat out of the bag, the only question remains, who else is going to die? Dexter’s obviously my first choice because it was logical from the start and everyone associated with the show has dropped plenty of hints regarding that. I had only hoped Dexter’s death would be far more spectacular and against  a much worthier enemy. Will it be Debra or Hannah who will join him in the great beyond? Because Harrison is surely walking into the sunset with whoever remains. The Debra-Quinn_Harrison ending sounds more complete to me but a spin-off possibility may be better addressed with Hannah and Harrison. Or Hannah could end up in jail and Harrison could live with Jaime.


Here’s the second last promo of the show:

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What Did I Just Watch? Dexter Season 8 Episode 9

Seriously. You’re telling me that Oliver Saxon is Vogel’s long-lost, psychopath son who is suddenly BACK in Miami on an apparent murdering spree?

You guys had NO clue, I wasn’t just the innocent boyfriend, did ya? Haha, gotcha

I mean, you really expect me to buy that after seven seasons of watching Dexter, when you introduce a new guy and then murder the girl he dates, I wouldn’t even suspect that he isn’t as innocent as you make him appear for two episodes?

And that the moment the police get on his trail, he clears out of his rented apartment, leaving a trash can full of his stuff conveniently outside his door for Dexter to find, with an envelope reading OLIVER SAXON, and then he just waltzs back in to meet his mama and then he moves in with her after nearly thirty years of her not even knowing that he’s alive?

And that Miami Metro does not find it suspicious that Cassie dates someone for two weeks and then ends up dead. They just let that person move around freely, without investigating, for starters, how long he has been employed at the place where he says he works

And also, you’re telling me Dexter has suddenly, for no reason, on the impulse of one moment, decided to get back together with his ex-girlfriend-cum-poisoning-husband-killer who has murdered every man she has ever been with? And not only is he back with her, he is also going to (yes, hold on to your seats), move to ARGENTINA with her and uproot his four year old son?

That’s good TV. I applaud you, writers of Dexter. You’re pulling the strings in such magnificent directions that you’ve surely ATTAINED your objective now. You’ve got me WISHING for Dexter to end as soon as possible.

With THREE episodes to go, you would expect a chilling sense of anticipation, of building suspense and excitement from a main-stream show that’s  been on air for seven and a half years, stars a great actor as its protagonist (antagonist?) and has had some amazing story lines (think the Ice Truck Killer and Trinity). But no.

What’s happening instead is a disarrayed, hastily put-together, very predicable and cliche, flaccid, loophole-filled limp to the finish. By this point, unless the writers of Dexter have something PHENOMENAL up their sleeve- and by phenomenal, I mean, blow-my-mind-stop-my-heart-move-my-soul spectacular- Dexter is going to be a DISAPPOINTMENT.

A showdown with Vogel’s son involving a cross-fire with a few deaths thrown in for good measure will just not be good enough. If this show ends with Dexter dead, Jaime Batista and Vogel killed in the cross-fire, Debra back in Miami Metro and Quinn and Debra walking into the sunset with Harrison in toe OR with a close-in on Harrison taking up from where Dexter leaves off after Dexter and Hannah are killed in a trailer and Harrison is made to watch, my eyes will BLEED.

I’m done putting Dexter theories out into the universe now. If something twists and turns, let me know okay? Otherwise I’ll just be back next week with more rantings about how bad Dexter has become.

I miss the Rita days. To me, nothing was ever cuter on Dexter than her. And yes, that reminds me, she had kids. They should be around for the finale, perhaps? Or are we expected to forget they even existed, like Dexter obviously has? How can Dexter just move to Argentina! He should be taking care of them! He was responsible for their mother getting killed.

PS: I feel like I didn’t even cover half the things bothering me about Dexter right now but never mind that!


Finally Excited..Are We There Yet? Dexter Season 8 Episode 8

The last two episodes have gained momentum. We went from suspecting Zach to finding out that he was just a pawn in this game of cat and mouse and the Brain Surgeon story isn’t up yet.

In an unusual move, the writers of Dexter changed the pattern and revived a broken link which everyone had presumed they had killed off, especially considering last season. The Brain Surgeon tie-up, in retrospection, hadn’t made a lot of sense. I had been disappointed and unconvinced by the way that whole thing had ended but it had never struck me to give the story another shot. In fact, I realize now that I had been underestimating the writing abilities of Dexter’s creators, thinking they were playing at the surface alone. But there’s more to it than meets the eye.

I was just beginning to enjoy the Dexter-Zach bonding scenes. Zach didn’t seem quite so creepy to me, once they cleared up that he hadn’t murdered Cassie. He merely seemed how I’d imagined Dexter to be when he was younger. He seemed eager and ready to please Dexter and pick up tips from him. So his death was not without a little surprise to me.

The question now is; what’s playing? Who is the brain surgeon and why? It seems highly unlikely that a new character is going to enter the mix now, with four episodes to go. So that leaves us to analyze the characters we already have.

I am FINALLY placing my bets on  Quinn. Like I said before, I’ve always found Quinn to have a lot of unexplored depths. But I think there’s finally more for him to do here than just hang around in the background and then stay back to sweep the floor. We do, after all, know that Quinn has had some dirty cop secrets before. Could it be possible at all that he has some even darker ones up his sleeve? Because if we start to think about who killed Cassie so far INSIDE her own apartment, well it most certainly seems to point to Quinn as the most likely candidate. With the lieutenant job no longer in the line, he could easily have decided to continue keeping tail. He does have a knack for going where he shouldn’t and maybe he kept following Zach around. Maybe he FINALLY stopped being dense and collected all those bits and pieces that have been lying right in front of him all this while? Maybe he is finally on to Dexter.

That seems to be the most exciting approach I can think of to end this series. But Quinn cannot exactly be the brain surgeon. For one, he doesn’t know Vogel and has never been treated by her. For another, why would he suddenly decide to turn into a serial killer? There is no justification for that. So if the bludgeoning killer and the brain surgeon are not the same person I cannot think of anyone more interesting than Quinn to be the bludgeon killer. It would be sort of disappointing if Cassie’s boyfriend is the one doing it because that wouldn’t be as exciting.

But I also have some suspect on Jaime. I want her to have a stronger part to play as well.  Which just makes me question many of the things she does, though I really like her character so far.

As for Vogel, she is obviously not who she seems to be. I haven’t liked her presence in Dexter’s life since the very start. What is she up to? Why has she carved her way through Dexter’s defenses and planted herself so close to everyone Dexter has ever cared about? Is she the brain surgeon? That does not sound very likely or appealing to me. Is she assisting the brain surgeon? Maybe.

Another theory I can extend is that Vogel is somehow working with Batista or someone who suspects Dexter? Batista did find LaGuerta’s warrants on Dexter and Debra. What if he pieced every bit of it together, right from the Doakes part to LaGuerta to Debra? What if he realized that anybody who has ever tried to be straightforward about their investigation towards Dexter has ended up dead? So, to protect himself and his sister, maybe Angel decided to be indirect about his investigation of Dexter. Vogel comes into the picture because she initially came to Miami under the pretext of helping the police out. What if that wasn’t the pretext but the truth and gaining Dexter’s trust was part of her plan all along? Could that somehow, be the undoing of Dexter Morgan?

But who is the brain surgeon? This question is killing me right now. I don’t think I can wait a whole other week to find out or at least have some clue. I cannot think of anyone who would have enough background and no loopholes to justify them being the brain surgeon. There’s Elway; he seems darker and there is obviously more to him than we’ve been let on to. He’s been very much interested in Debra. Perhaps the reasons for that are manifold. To be honest, he seems the only likely character. We were told a little bit about his past from what he explained in a candid scene with Debra. Its obvious he has had some hard moments down the road. Perhaps he got messed up enough to seek medical help under Vogel? The background story about his dad seems to have enough weightage for that.

Moving on, Hannah bores me. Her love story with Dexter never appealed to me. I don’t think anything could, after Rita. I liked Cassie because she reminded me of Rita, since she was normal. I was warming up to her but they had to kill her tragically as well. Oh well. People might find Hannah appropriate for Dexter but I don’t. I accept her as a part of Dexter’s surroundings now but I am still on Debra’s side regarding all this. Debra might have backed down for Dexter’s sake but I can’t help but question Hannah’s motives. Are they really as simple to read as all that? Is the only purpose in her having come back is to show how Dexter is going to lose everyone he’s loved? Or is she more than that? Is she still on a murdering rampage of sorts? Has she graduated from just being a poisons-person?

Debra didn’t do much in this episode except just back down when she saw Dexter with Hannah and Zach. In the end, she made her decision. She wants back into Miami Metro. This news at least made me happy. If Debra is coming back for FOUR episodes, that OBVIOUSLY means there is a bigger motive there than just setting the scene for the future, because there is no future left beyond these four episodes. She is obviously back for a specific reason, for the plot.

Questions, questions. This month’s worth of episodes are hopefully going to answer them all, in what I hope is a grandiose fashion. Until next time.

Moment worthy of notice:  Vogel saying most things good or bad in the world, spin off only from a sense of boredom. Well Vogel seems to be playing a nice game of chess, wouldn’t you think? Why can Dexter not see it?


Dexter Season 8 Episode 2- ‘Every Silver Lining’

Doctor Evelyn Vogel is turning into a disappointment. After her spectacular declaration last week, this week she reveals herself to be a deeply caring, motherly figure who had had a big hand in turning Dexter into who he is today. As proof, she produces tapes of her conversations with Dexter’s dad Harry, back from when Harry had just discovered Dexter’s obsession with blood and gore. I guess that explains the kiddie drawings she had been carrying around. What it doesn’t explain is where she had been all these years and why, if she cares so deeply for Dexter, did she reveal herself to him in a way that would immediately put him on his guard and make him weary and uncertain towards her. All these questions seem to make it clear that she probably isn’t who she seems to be and there is some ulterior motive behind her sudden presence. Or else, she is just extremely selfish because she has now enlisted Dexter to help her out in figuring out the new killer, whom she claims could be one of her former patients since he has been sending the sliced out pieces from the brains of his victims to her in jars. Whatever it is, its clear that she is not just there to suddenly ‘mother’ Dexter and boost his confidence by telling him that psychopaths are actually a gift to mankind and necessary for our long-term survival as a whole.

New Mom or Another Complication?

Meanwhile, Debra seems to be letting her humanity slip away from her. Having compromised once, she doesn’t seem to be afraid to kill again and kill again she does, with no regards for any sort of codes and Dexter cleans the mess she leaves behind; tampering evidence and removing her blood samples from the scene of the crime. So Dexter WILL cover for her, even if she doesn’t seem to have any moral code to operate with. This episode in fact, made me feel a little more emotionally connected to both Dexter and Debra. In all the speculating about Dexter, I hadn’t so far felt any sympathy for  Debra and what she has been going through but she gets to me in the part where she tells Dexter, ‘I didn’t want to hate you. I wanted the opposite.’

Simultaneously, the Quinn story seems to be making some headway. I’ve always liked Quinn, despite his complete dirty cop routine and I am finding his little side story quite interesting actually because I think its going to lead him head-on into Debra and Dexter’s secret. He also seems to care a little more deeply about Debra than he seems to realize and what will he do when he stumbles unto the truth (which I am sure he will)?

There was also a funny moment with Angel and Quinn when they’re interviewing a suspect’s mother. I think all the main characters are going to end up at a convergence of sorts by the time this season wraps up.

The second episode didn’t excite me as much as the first did but Season Eight is still in its infancy and there is a long way to go before the pattern emerges. Stay tuned for more Dexter analysis!


The Beginning of the End—Dexter

Dexter‘s last season is coming out, starting this weekend.

Every time I think about how Dexter should end, I imagine the best kind of closure for a show like this can only come from Dexter’s death.

After all, how else do you justify the end of a show where the protagonist is a serial killer? Admittedly Dexter tries to channelize himself and keeps to killing only the really bad guys out there (which is what keeps us hooked and just enough attached to him to keep watching the show), but its hard to argue with the logic that he operates in some very grey areas.

I’ve watched some really good TV series, but for some reason the shocking murder of Dexter’s wife Rita Bennett really hit me and for that reason perhaps, I am a little too involved in where the Dexter plot is going.

This is one story I want to actually watch pan out on the screen, rather than indulge in any kind of book reading (even though I also said that about Game of Thrones earlier).

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