Breakdown- More Pop Culture References

This pair of unabashedly good looking and very humorous Norwegian brothers have taken the world by storm with one simple question.

What does the fox say?

Nonsensical lyrics and satirically lit-up eyes add to the charm of a YouTube video that is raging world over, much like Gangnam style did. Though there is something appealing about looking at stupid self-mockery of this form, the Ylvis brothers have, in my opinion, a gem of far brighter and better gigs and bits and acts up their sleeves (if only it were all in English). Without denying the ultimate talent, credibility and  much-deserved rise to fame of these two, I feel a slight sense of quizzical wonderment at what makes stuff like this go so viral?

Is it because our real lives are so packed with banal work and monotony that silly stuff makes us laugh? Do we feel a certain amount of awe for these harbingers of pop culture who rise to the occasion by turning their one life around without choosing to be an investment banker or a general manager; another cog in the machines of our industrialized and digitized lives? Or is it because we’re constantly running, running, running from the ultimate truth: we’re all going to die and we don’t know what happens afterwards, if anything at all?

The point I am driving at, with reference to today’s Daily Prompt is that I would like to cut away from this urge to appreciate the truly silly things in the world and give it power over me the way it does. Don’t get me wrong, fun is important and I know it. But I’m sure you’ve seen this or something similar somewhere:

Maybe if the kind of things that go ‘viral’ all the time were a little more intellectually driven or even some form or the other of infotainment, once in a while we could actually pick up something worth knowing, instead of being completely familiar with all the things a fox says and even being aware of how it will need to use Morse code to communicate with a horse (yes, I’m sorry I know they lyrics. Kind of drives my point right home, doesn’t it?)

Food for thought. 🙂

PS: Writing this post made me think of one of the characters from this book I read, The Name of a Rose by Umberto Eco. He keeps trying to make everyone stop laughing and giggling because he believes it is unnatural and unbecoming. If you read through, I hope that’s not the conclusions you drew from this post!

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